47% of the city budget goes to the police. When will it start going to us?
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Our Mission

Our #LiberateMKE campaign starts with relational organizing. We want to have authentic conversations with residents to find out what a liberated Milwaukee looks like to them.

Over the last five years the police budget has grown by over $70 million and every other department has seen little to no growth. We know that instead of police, we could invest in programs that address the root causes of poverty and violence, like jobs, public health and housing.

We have already begun surveying a variety of residents including students and elders at meetings and community events throughout the city asking where they would like to see monies allocated. Areas include youth employment, economic opportunity through job training, and non-police violence prevention projects such as violence interrupter programs.


"What does a free and liberated Milwaukee look like? Is it access to clean water, quality jobs, or to live in safe neighborhoods? We are fighting so more people have the opportunity to live in their power and dignity in the city of Milwaukee.”

— Markasa Tucker, Director of the African American Roundtable

Photo Credit: Maria C. Maldonado


We are asking for $25 million divest from the Milwaukee Police Department. Currently the police are allotting $17.1 million in overtime compensation. We believe that the police should be forced to reign in their overtime.

The police department is also trying to add 15 new positions which is not in line where in city of Milwaukee wants money to be spent. Just last year when the Common Council voted against adding an additional six police instead opting to spend that money on public health nurses.

The police have $3.9 million allotted to vehicles for next five years in the capitol budget. Up until 2018 police vehicles/ and equipment were in the Department's budget. This change is adding additional taxpayer dollars into police spending without forcing the police to make tough fiscal choices like every other department in the city.

Lastly this year $7 million is budgeted for Police administration building remodeling. The police building is slated to be remodeled while much of our community has been left to fall apart to through chronic disinvestment.